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Fundraising from American Foundations

Are you a fundraiser who is looking for ways to diversify funding sources? Do you want to tap into US foundations that you have not taken advantage of until now? The USA is the most philanthropic country in the world and can be one of the most rewarding markets for fundraising. The nearly 150,000 foundations in the United States provided almost US$75.69 billion in 2019—a 2.5% increase from 2018. About 25% of this amount is allocated for international causes, of which almost

half finds its way to NGOs in other countries. This trend continued throughout 2020 even though Covid 19 hit the country hard. Despite the recent economic difficulties due to the global pandemic and the heavy competition for US foundation dollars, there are significant opportunities for well-prepared NGOs to raise significant money with the right approach, amount of resources, and investment of time.

Join us for a webinar with Erik Detiger, int. Fundraiser from the Netherland

Fundraising from American Foundations

Thursday, 17th of June 15:00 h

€ 79

See the description of the webinar here In this webinar, Erik Detiger, international Fundraiser will explain how to apply for funding with American Foundations as a German (or European) organization and how to take advantage of the opportunities.

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